Know all about Marlene Knaus’s Marriage, Divorce Issues, and Children with Niki Lauda.

Marlene Knaus once well-known as Marlene Lauda is the ex-wife of the legendary racer Niki Lauda. She was famous back in the old days and has appeared in all top magazines and was considered as a fashion icon as well.

Her relationship with Niki is not a mystery to the world. Once a very lovable couple Marlene and Niki divorced in 1991 after 15 years of their enjoyable married life.

Marlene Knaus married and divorce issues with Niki Lauda.

Marlene Knaus and Niki Lauda got married in 1976 . They were one of the most popular couples of that era as people were just crazy about them. The pair of popular racer and a gorgeous model was the talk of the town.

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However, after fifteen years of their marriage and having two the couple got divorced in 1991 . The reason behind their separation was never revealed to the media. Niki later got married again with Birgit Wetzinger.

Although the couple got a divorce both Lauda and Marlene still shares a healthy relationship and Marlene is also a good friend of Lauda’s present wife Birgit .

Marlene Knaus and Niki Lauda’s Children.

Marlene and Niki were blessed with two children. The elder son Mathias Lauda was born on 30th January 1981 , who is an Austrian race car driver just like his father Niki and younger son Lukas Lauda , who currently works as a manager of his brother Mathias. Both of her children are equally talented and dashing.

Mathias Lauda and Lukas Lauda.

Marlene Knaus’s Relationship Status.

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Marlene Knaus currently resides in Ibiza. She neither got married nor is enjoying any relationship. However, she is living a happy and healthy life with her family and we would also like to wish her all the best in her bright future.

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After divorcing Niki Lauda, Knaus has been away from the limelight and has not been on any headlines. It looks like she wants to stay away from the media and spotlight.

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