Corona virus numbers of Convalescent the Dead and the currently Infected in Germany

Current Figures on the development

Coronavirus in Germany: numbers of cases, Deaths and Convalescent

22. April, 2020 – 11:06 PM

Corona development in Germany: for the First time, more Convalescent than currently Infected

Just in time for Easter, it was time for the First time, the number of Recovering was in excess of the number of people currently with the Coronavirus Infected. Nevertheless, we can breathe a sigh of relief only slightly, because The Corona-crisis is not yet over for a long time. How the Figures develop into Infected, dead and Recovering in Germany, you will see according to our graph.*

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Coronavirus – the number of cases according to provinces and counties

How many Corona cases there are in your state and in your County, you can read here .

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NEW EPISODE: RTL.EN-documentary "Zero hour – race with the Virus: How do we defeat Corona?"

In the second part of the RTL.EN-documentary "Zero hour – race with the Virus" we ask the question: How do you deal with Corona? The authors of the different measures taken by individual countries around the globe with the current recommendations of researchers .

*The graphics used in the Figures are updated on a daily basis. Is displayed on each of the days end. The total number of confirmed cases of infection and deaths resulting from the daily of the countries authorities to information published.

Both on the part of RKI, as well as at the country level, there are now estimates of the number of the already Recovering. From these values, the number of currently Infected is calculated. This is an approximate value, which is dependent on the quality of the estimates .

The data of the current picture of the situation again, as it is for the authorities in Germany. The actual number of cases of infection (i.e., documented infection, plus the dark number) will capture at a later date .

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