Corona aid package from the state Who has what money and from whom?

Quick financial support promised

Corona-aid package from the state: Whom, what and by whom?

28. March 2020 – 10:25 PM

Aid package in the billions decided

The effects of the Corona pandemic hit many industries and workers hard. Whether Freelance, employed or an entrepreneur – for many people livelihoods are now on the game, countless Affected person must currently live at least with large financial cuts .

The Federal Council has now decided in a multibillion-dollar aid package quick financial support and facilitation such as in the control. But who is entitled to what? And where do you get it? We give an Overview of.

Short-time working for workers

Companies can apply for work money, if a certain percentage of their workforce is affected by the work stoppage. For workers, this means losses. Because the Federal Agency for employment pays only a proportion of the net wage loss: 60 percent. Anyone who has children, gets 67 percent.

What is the meaning of short-time work financially? Specifically, the example expected: anyone Who has previously earned 3.000 Euro net and now the reduced working hours, only 1,000 Euro net gets, has a gap of € 2,000. The Federal labor Agency is responsible for 60 percent, so 1,200 Euro. So it is with 2,200 instead of 3,000 euros. The number of hours decreases to zero, because it is not more work, one obtains, in this example, 60 percent of 3,000 Euro, so 1800 euros. A huge difference. Some employers are increasing this gap with a subsidy, so that the income losses are mitigated .

Short-time working allowance can be paid for up to twelve months. And unlike before, companies must ask their workers about minus hours in order to avoid short-time work. So-called agreements to fluctuations in the Work is no longer necessary, as the Federal Ministry of Finance explains.

Assistance for the self-employed and small businesses

Self-employed persons, freelancers and small businesses with up to five employees, on request, obtain up to 9,000 euros in emergency aid, companies with up to ten employees, up to 15,000 euros. A prerequisite is that you have got as a result of Corona in economic difficulties and these have not had before .

The one-time payment is valid for a maximum of three months and can be utilized in addition, for a further two months, if one has hired an office or a commercial space and the landlord has reduced the rent by at least 20 percent, as it is called in the corresponding key issues paper. Back you have to pay only the sum that you are not consumed by the emergency. According to the Ministry of economy, the first applications were already approved and the payouts depend on. The L-Bank, the development Bank of the country, had previously announced a rapid Start-up of disbursements .

The request for Corona-emergency assistance can be accessed on the Website of the Ministry of economy of the respective country, online, and submitted in digital form to be filled out .

The countries in addition to their own offers of support. So, for example, lower Saxony has launched on Wednesday a program of assistance on the way. Self-employed persons, freelancers and companies with up to 49 employees, which are a result of the crisis in existential distress, could apply for grants and loans for securing the liquidity at the regional development Bank (NBank) .

A special credit programme of the KfW Bank

In addition, the KfW development Bank has an unlimited special credit program for companies, self-employed and freelancers launched – with simplified access terms and conditions. To make a request, they turn to the house Bank or a financing partner, explains KfW. Financing partners can be, therefore, any commercial Bank, cooperative Bank or savings Bank .

But be careful: In contrast to the immediate aid of these loans, plus interest, must be repaid. Experts warn that the liquidity problem moves to may only – and is charged after the crisis twice, because you have to pay off the livelihood of lift and the credit .

Taxes can be deferred

Companies get in tax assistance. Can not be done due to the Corona-crisis income and Corporation tax at the Moment, can hours you free of interest. The you requested from the tax office, like the Federal, the taxpayer explained. In the case of the sales tax deferral must be tested in each individual case .

Also, a reduction in advance payments and a Lowering of the tax base amount for the trade tax apply. Among other things, the Bavarian state office for taxes, provides for the appropriate applications online form

Under certain circumstances, in other tax issues on the Contrary, the authority is possible. The experts advise, in any case, to contact the tax office in connection. The Federal Ministry of Finance also explains that the enforcement of overdue tax liabilities by the end of 2020 are to be dispensed with. This period shall also apply for the Deferrals.

Compensation for loss of earnings due to quarantine

If a freelancer or self-employed from the health Department of a professional activity, ban get imposed, for example, because you have to go into quarantine, you will be entitled to compensation. You must apply to the competent financial authority, in Berlin, for example, by E-Mail to the Senate administration for Finance. For the first six weeks are Concerned, is, according to the infection protection act, a sum in the amount of the expected earnings. Also, operating expenses can be reimbursed. Who voluntarily quarantine shall not be entitled to compensation.

The loss of Earnings through broken orders, and cancelled events, circumstances, and the usual payments to the künstlersozialkasse (KSK) to the Problem. Therefore, it makes sense, the revised income expectations indicate immediately so that contributions can be reduced accordingly. In acute payment difficulty, you could loose a form, in short, a reasoned request for deferral or payment by instalments provide, explains the KSK. An interest-free moratorium was first up to 30. June 2020 is possible

Special protection for tenants

Tenants should not be terminated, if you come in consequence of the Corona-crisis in Zahlungsnot. Appropriate rent arrears from the period 1. April up to 30. September 2020 should not lead, therefore, to notice. In principle, the stresses, consists of the obligation to payment of the rent, of course. And: Who can not pay the costs for electricity, Gas, telecommunications, or water due to the crisis, should not be cut off .

The continued payment of wages and child allowance for parents

Day-care centres and schools, but the children in need of care: parents are the Corona-crisis special challenges. A part of the income breaks away, because not so much time for work, to fathers and mothers can benefit in the future from a longer continued payment of wages. So far, in these cases, only a few days later to claim.

The new rules, the state pays now for six weeks, 67 percent of the salary, if parents must supervise children under the age of twelve due to a closed day-care centres and schools at home. The sum is, however, capped, per month, for a maximum of Euro 2016. And A claim does not exist if a closure would in any case take place due to the school holidays. In order to get the money, they turn to his employer – the taking back the money from the competent state .

In addition, parents who currently have to struggle with lower income to come easier to the child Supplement. This can be up to 185 Euro per child per month and depends on the income – so far, here are the last six months have been taken into account. In the future, only the income from the last month are to be used, as the Corona-could have caused a crisis in the short term for huge losses. The children Supplement the family pays cash. He can be found online at the Federal Agency for work requested .

To facilitate access to basic social security for the unemployed

The access to the basic social security should be temporarily easier. Who from the 1. Of March to the first 30. June 2020 represents a request for the is to be omitted for the first six months of the test, explains the Federal Agency for work. At least then, if you stated that you has significant assets. For the first half of the year, Hartz-IV-reference in addition, expenditures for rent and heating are to be recognised in the actual height .

The self-employed without voluntary unemployment insurance receive unemployment benefit II, Who as a self-employed is, however, at the request of the unemployment insurance, the unemployment benefit I apply. One should note, however, that the payment is according to the Union Verdi for the self-employed currently have two withdrawals limited .

How to support a large company ?

In addition to the tax benefits and the KfW-special program can benefit large enterprises of an economic stabilisation Fund, which the Federal government has established and maintains several hundred billion euros for capital measures, guarantees and credit funding ready. Focus on larger companies, according to the Ministry of Finance 250 or more employees. But also smaller companies in the area of critical infrastructures and sectors could be taken into account .

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