Chinese horoscope 2020, What should we do in the year of the rat, and what better not

Chinese Horoscope Year 2020

The year of the rat begins – who benefits and who should tie a red ribbon

31. January, 2020 – 10:43 PM

The rat is king

25. January 2020, the reign of the rat began. What does this mean? This animal, according to the Chinese lunar calendar, the chairmanship throughout the year and influences in this time pretty much all areas of life. And not only in China but around the world! We asked an expert in Chinese astrology, what exactly we expect from the rat. And what we should be doing themselves and so it will be a good year. Little taste: If your garden is North or South out of it, you should celebrate there better no loud parties .

And what the metal is now rat?

In Chinese astrology there are twelve signs of the zodiac. Rat, ox, Tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. The legend of the race of these animals shows the Video.

Unlike in the West, the zodiac signs do not alternate all around 30 days, but a year. And each animal is shaping to be the year, due to his personal character traits.

2020, the rat is now. An Element, and metal is still to come. What is the metal rat means for our lives, explains Mark Sakautzky, trained "Imperial Feng Shui Master" from Ahrensburg, near Hamburg. It is calculated for over ten years, the Chinese horoscopes and reveals which group of the population should take to 2020 before the rat in Eight .

These effects, the rat has on all of us

  • New Plans

As the Video explains, the rat is the first of the Chinese zodiac, the cycle of the twelve animals begins. Therefore, it will in the year of the rat also many Neubeginne so Sakautzky. This can be, for example, new stages in life: a job change, or marriage.

Sounds good, however, the expert warns: a new beginning birth pains and painful learning processes. In the case of the new projects, it lurches so at the beginning, maybe a little.

If you want to invest a bit of money, put it in Gold or silver, advises the Feng Shui Master. Because: The financial world as a whole will fall into a tailspin , Gold, silver and platinum prices are on the rise . The in have with the metal "Metal Rat" to do.

The rat is regarded by the Chinese as a communicative. You could ensure that we in this year a lot of new people. The rodent is controlled engines in addition, very – our Sex life could get to recovery. And what are the results in combination, presumed to be the expert? New acquaintances + increased libido = more One Night Stands.

What we should not let the better be to annoy the rat

If the next year is good for us or bad, we can affect with a few simple actions, for itself, explains Feng Shui consultant Mark Sakautzky.

  • No noise in the North and the South

First of all, you need to find out where from their apartment, as “seen” North and South. These directions should let then in the next year alone. So on this side of the house, no trees, no work done on it and no loud parties. Because The rat is yummy…. seen in the North, and obviously you like there is no noise in the South but not, explains Sakautzky. The other two cardinal directions are, however, harmless.

You put a metal bowl in the East of your home, recommends the expert. It can also be a round Vase or something else a Bulbous. To help the energy flow more freely, so that everything can be done a little better .

Horses need a red Band around the middle

So, now one last task for you: Find out which Chinese zodiac sign you were born. Here you will find an Overview of. Should the answer "Horse" has astrology expert Sakautzky a good and a bad news for you.

The bad news: For horses, it is not such a good year. As you can see on the illustration above, the horse precisely in front of the rat, it is in your shadow.

The good news: you can help the luck on the jumps, and with the color Red. You have to take the whole year – to the centre of your body. This can be a red ribbon that you tie around the belly, or red underwear. Feng Shui Master Sakautzky horse itself, and so affected: as a Precaution, he has bought up 24 Sets of red underwear .

So equipped it should run in 2020 for a horse born in halfway, the Rest determines the rat.

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