Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher started his Showbiz career as a Model, but in the meantime, he is a movie star, serial hero and father with all my heart

Ashton Kutcher

  • Born 7. February 1978 , Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA
  • First Name Christopher Ashton
  • Name Kutcher
  • Forty two
  • Size 1.89 m
  • Zodiac Sign Aquarius
  • Partner Mila Kunis (married) ; Demi Moore (divorced) ; Brittany Murphy ; Monet Mazur
  • Children Of Wyatt Isabelle (*In 2014) ; Dimitri Portwood (*2016)

Not everyone knows that

Ashton would not have been discovered by a model scout, it could have been for the Americans is also quite different: at the Time, he was enrolled at the University of Iowa for biochemistry. Was motivated, he from the heart the error of his twin brother, for the he find a cure wanted.

Even prior to his later girlfriend, Mila Kunis Ashton made "Punk’d" not holding: In an episode of the fifth season, he veralberte the beautiful actress – years before the two became a Couple .

The multi-talented worked as a Product Engineer for the computer brand Lenovo.

Ashton heard since his marriage to Demi Moore to the followers of the Kabbalah.

The actor is an Investor in the restaurant group Dolce, which operates in L. A. and other cities, several Local .

In The Movie "Every second counts – The Guardian" Ashton played the role of a rebellious elite students in the U.S. Navy, is a lifeguard. In real life him had to be but still taught something. No joke: Before Ashton could not swim, he learned it especially for the Film.

Like the elephant in a China shop Ashton came to Windsor castle for the Queen: Princess Beatrice had invited him, together with Ex-wife Demi and their daughters a happy birthday and give him his champagne glass slipped out of his hands! "I’m just five minutes in the castle, and I made what is broken. I felt like an antisocial klutz."

In 2009, Ashton Kutcher was the first Twitter User who got a Million Followers, but he was faster than the profile of CNN.

Ashton called, together with Demi, the "DNA Foundation" to combat the sex trafficking of children. In the meantime, the Foundation was "Thorn" renamed.

Biography of Ashton Kutcher

Somewhere in Iowa, there’s a 100-person town of Cedar Rapids. Many celebrities, the tranquil resort has not spawned yet. But since Ashton Kutcher is from there, went to first Model and then an actor, is enjoying the Village’s cult status.

Childhood in simple circumstances

There is a fun was to grow up to Ashton, not always, because he was great in humble circumstances . His parents separated after years of dispute, when he was 13. To had, of all things, this time, his twin brother, Michael, a heart transplant, he recover until much later, completely should. Ashton’s a blessing in disguise: Despite, or perhaps because of the difficult situation, he learned early how is the best way through life with optimism and a broad Smile on the lips. Even then, he did also love nothing more than to play to the people of his area borderline pranks. Later, he was in the MTV Show "Punk’d" perfect. The show with the hidden cameras, which he self-developed, long-moderated the Entertainer four years .

For his wedding he was to the Ninja

Beginning as a series star

His rise to the top of Hollywood, but started actually earlier. After he had already worked as a Model, wanted Ashton to try his luck as an actor and was hired after his first audition ever . Already with his first role as Michael Kelso in the cult series "The wild Seventies" – Ashton managed to do so a full point landing. Throughout the eight years of the Comedy series, in not only his career, its beginnings took, but also of Mila Kunis with Ashton years later, also private his luck should find. But there are other things to!

Be slower to rise

During his time at "The wild Seventies" veralberte Ashton, not only in "Punk’d" Celebs in front of a hidden camera, but also played in some movies, thus his popularity grew and grew. His specialty has always been to plunge openly into absurd situations. So, for example, in the Comedies "Ey man, where’s my car? " or "Fully married". But even more serious materials took the actor more and more and, among other things, for "Butterfly Effect" and "Bobby" in front of the camera. After the end of "The wild Seventies" In 2006, Ashton made but especially with his private life to the attention of: The marriage with the 15 years older Demi Moore made headlines. The two gave themselves up to the word in September 2005, the Yes-and were all six years as a dream few – always side-by-side in partner look, and very very open in the common Twitter profile. By 2011, rumors about a fling of the cast member were loud and louder, and the Couple announced its separation .

Movies and TV shows with Ashton Kutcher

  • 1998-2006: The wild Seventies
  • 2000: dude, where’s my car?
  • 2003: Full married
  • 2003: party alarm – stay away from my daughter
  • 2003: cheaper by The dozen
  • 2003-2007: Punk’d
  • 2004: The Butterfly Effect
  • 2008: Love Vegas
  • 2010: Valentine’s day
  • 2010: Kiss & Kill
  • 2011: Friendship Plus
  • 2011: Happy New Year
  • 2011-2015: Two and a Half Men
  • since 2016: The Ranch

It runs well – professionally and personally

In the same year, Some for Ashton changed and professionally. After he Films such as "Love Vegas" and "Valentine’s day" starred, he returned again to the Matt disc and replaced in the the ninth season of "Two and a Half Men" no less than Hollywoodrüpel Charlie Sheen. Since the end of "Two and a Half Men" Ashton flickers his new Sitcom "The Ranch" on the matte screen.

Also private it is up and running again for the beautiful actor: Since the middle of 2012, he is involved with his colleague Mila Kunis, whom he has known since his early days in Hollywood . The love story of the two is a very special, as Mila revealed in the summer of 2016 in a radio interview with US-Talker Howard Stern. Although the two knew each other already a long time, you have not seen for years. Ashton was married to Demi Moore, Mila was involved in a relationship with "Kevin home alone"-Star Macaulay Culkin. After both were randomly separated manner fresh, they met at an Award Show again. Kutcher and Kunis got right off the bat, it developed a close friendship. Ashton invited you to a Party with him – to set them up, actually, with the thought in mind of the pretty brunette with his buddy. But in the end, he ended up with Mila in the box in the beginning of their friendship Plus relationship. However, after only a few months, the two had to admit that it was nothing but Sex, you were in love. In 2014, the sweet Couple got engaged and announced the good news: they would be parents! In October, Mila Kunis brought their daughter Wyatt Isabelle to the world and made the small family happiness perfectly. Even more perfect it was Glen the secret wedding in the family and circle of friends at the Parrish Ranch in Oak, California on 4. July 2015.

Ashtons Father Qualities

In June 2016, it was announced that his Dearest Mila is pregnant. The little family is expecting growth and a daughter, Wyatt can look forward to a sibling. How nice, because Kutcher is in his father role total . "Wyatt just came out of me, because he was already two seconds later, the perfect father. He has cuddled all the time, and the diapers changed. He was just incredible", reported by Mila on American TV.

Ashton and Mila Humor

But what connects Ashton and Mila certainly the most is her Humor. Especially absurd, moronic headlines of the Boulevard press about the alleged separation rumors or new pregnancies smile at the two. In the summer of 2019 posted by Ashton a Video in which the couple is together in the car on the road again and of an alleged separation of reads. "It’s over between us. Well, that’s how fast it can go’", Mila says, very unimpressed. Of course, just a bit of fun, but the best way, with annoying headlines deal.

Test Your Star Knowledge

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