Anna Ermakova + Marcel Remus What’s going on?

What’s going on between Anna Ermakova + Marcel Remus?: As a couple for AmfAR Gala

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  • 23.09.2019

Boris Becker’s daughter Anna Ermakova and luxury realtor Marcel Remus came together for the AmfAR Gala – what is going on?

They were the centre of attention at the AmfAR Gala in Milan: Anna Ermakova, 19, and Marcel Remus, 32, to each other, went together on the red carpet of the event and fit in their coordinated Outfits perfectly! You are in a dream, blue Robe, he in a black suit with a pocket square that picked up the colour of the tone of the dress. What a beautiful couple!

Anna Ermakova + Marcel Remus: join us for the AmfAR Gala

It is not the first Time that the daughter of Tennis legend Boris Becker, 51, shows the luxury-agents. In January both attended the infamous Oscar Party hosted by pop star Elton John, 71, in Hollywood and in August the beautiful Model as a Star-guest at the "Remus Lifestyle Night" on Mallorca invited. Obvious that the two of them understand very well and visually a wonderful Couple to give would, but in truth between the two?

Private insight in to the Kaulitzs

Bill and Tom show, for the first time your mother in the Video

What’s going on between Marcel Remus + Anna Ermakova?

To GALA-the smart real estate professional said: "Anna and I, we know us since three years." But the two also share a close friendship, no love. "She is a good friend of mine, I appreciate you very much." In addition, the luxury estate agent believes, but also much of his good friend and your Talent. "She is mega worthy of support and we have at the AmfAR Gala in Milan, together with Power-Networking made." Finally, it is in the Business crucial to know the right people – and so does Remus. He turned to Anna, among other things, Heidi Klum, 46, and Tom Kaulitz, 30, .

Marcel Remus in the Interview

Funny encounter with Heidi Klum

Success in Milan

But also at the AmfAR Gala in Milan, the Networking like clockwork, so that Anna was able to thanks to your friend, the Star photographer Ellen von Unwerth, 65, to get to know . "You told us that you want to photograph Anna likes. Then we have Carine Roitfeld, the "Vogue" out of all these contacts, something Great can emerge."

"Anna is a great woman"

Marcel Remus gushed from Ermakova: "Anna is a great woman who does not want to just go through the names of her father’s career. You would like to position itself as a Model, you can imagine the acting is good, and with my network, I can help people like." Anna Ermakova can appreciate so happy a great and helpful to have a friend like Marcel Remus. What a Power Couple!

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