Andrea Sawatzki

As a pharmacist, she committed murders, as the scene of the crime Commissioner explained murders. Exciting to discover yet more facets to the actress Andrea Sawatzki !

Andrea Sawatzki

  • Born 23. February 1963 , Kochel am see, Bavaria / Germany
  • First Name Andrea
  • Name Sawatzki
  • Years 57
  • Size 1.72 m
  • Zodiac Sign Aquarius
  • Partner Christian Berkel (married)
  • Children Of Moritz (*1999) ; Bruno (*2002)

Not everyone knows that

Andrea Sawatzi speaks different dialects. Although she lives in Berlin, most of the time you will be on vacation still like Bayer and grew up in Swabia, also Schwäbisch gossip.

For your red-hair well-known actress is a natural blond. You changed your hair color for a role and kept on doing it.

To her husband Christian Berkel has, you’ll be impressed when he breaks the common movie "Death on Amrum" still in the corner sat, and classical literature las.

If Andrea Sawatzki is singing again in public, we owe to the Christian Berkel to. You had to give him the night of the wedding, the promise to hide your Talent longer .

She loves to go on holiday in Andalucia .

Hobbies, what Hobbies? On an author’s reading, she stated: "I have no [. ], because my professions so much fun ."

She has three dogs: a pug named Coco, a Boxer and a great Dane namnes Gustav.

Your late wedding, Christian Berkel – the request of the children – took place in Berlin and it was celebrated for three days, told the actress in an Interview.

Biography of Andrea Sawatzki

About her Childhood she does not like to speak. Her father learned the on 23. February, know, in 1963, in Bavaria born, Andrea Sawatzki, only eight years old, when she was 14, he died. Long doubted Andrea Sawatzki to be a family man. That changed when she met the actor Christian Berkel, she’s lived with since the end of the 90s and the you is 2011 married and happy today . "I can get married to! We find it both very beautiful. It’s changing, ultimately, just a little, but it is just great to wear a Ring to say ‘my husband’ – even though I had done this long before the wedding always. Why not marry, if you know that you belong together and together old wants to be ?"

Studies, Theatre, Film

Similar to how in your marriage, it also ran in school and professionally has always been around. After a Studies at the "The New Munich Acting School" and a Internship at the "Münchner Kammerspiele" followed from 1988 to 1992, Engagements at Opera houses in Stuttgart, Wilhelmshaven and Munich. The big breakthrough, Andrea Sawatzki succeeded, but then in the movie.

Co-stars are shocked by the news of your death

Films with Andrea Sawatzki – cinema

To a wide audience, Andrea Sawatzki 1997, it became known through her role as Alma Siebert Film "The Pharmacist" based on the novel by Ingrid Noll. There are many more films followed, among other things:

  • 1997: Bandits
  • 1999: Late Show
  • 2001: Leo and Claire
  • 2001: The Experiment
  • 2009: Horst Schlämmer – Isch run!
  • 2010: climate change
  • 2011-2013: Borgia
  • 2018: help, I got my parents shrunk
  • 2018: you are of course invited

Television: "The scene of the crime" is still not everything

The level of awareness Andrea Sawatzkis increased by leaps and bounds, as in 2001, the role of the "The scene of the crime"-Commissioner Charlotte singer took over, the embodied, you to 2009. It came to her that she could help to shape the figure crucial . "I would like to generally get in the way with my roles and surprise", she explains. Also in many TV films, she had the chance to prove her versatile Talent, so, for example, in "The Snails House" (2006), "Kidnapped" (2009) and "My daughter, her friend and I" (2012), as well as in TV more dividers, such as "The king of St. Pauli" (1998) or "The Man" (2001). How much you arrive with critics and audiences alike, is demonstrated by the many awards she has received, to the so Adolf-Grimme-Award (2005), the German Comedy Award (2006) and the Bavarian TV Award (2011).

The Writer

In addition to Film and television, Andrea Sawatzki proves Can still in many other areas. Countless audio books of different writers has spoken and now even as a writer, making a name: 2013 her first appeared Book "A too-good girl", further followed:

  • Take a deep breath, the family (2013)
  • Of recovery, the speech (2014)was never
  • The gaze of foreign eyes (2015)
  • You are of course invited (2016)

But the Writing, even if it has already since school times, a Talent for Andrea Sawatzki not always easy to. "If I sit in this solitude, has for the first time what is Crippling. At some point you will be captured, but, fortunately, by a kind of Suction, and it flows. However, you need to engage and discipline. So, too meditative, I do not feel that, although this is shown sometimes like a little romanticized. And yet, it is a very rewarding experience."

Andrea Sawatzki – an all-round Talent

In addition, she sings – in 2012, you gave a series of chanson evenings, and dancing – as they did in 2011 "Let’s Dance". In addition, Andrea Sawatzki pressed speaker as synchronous, 2010 Cartoon "The fantastic Mr. Fox", where you have to voice Mrs. Fox, while her husband Christian Berkel Mr. Fox lent his voice, and in "Puss in boots", what you 2012 "German Animation Speaker Price" the trick film festival in Stuttgart, was awarded .

"My family is sacred to me."

Their sons Moritz and Bruno were born in 1999 and 2002. Your social commitment is focused on children: In 2007, she was the godmother of the "German Children’s Prize", In 2015, she was the patron of "A place for children". In their home In Berlin to go with children and dogs vividly: "I put my ear plugs in the ears, when all the rage around me, and close the door" – that sounds like the statement of a woman who succeeds today, it is wonderful to combine family and career .

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