Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano has mastered the path from child star to adult actress, and has a three-decades-long career .

Alyssa Milano

  • Born 19. December 1972 , New York City, New York / USA
  • First Name Alyssa Jayne
  • Name Milano
  • Forty seven
  • Size 1.57 m
  • Zodiac Sagittarius
  • Partner, David Bugliari (married) ; Cinjun Tate (divorced) ; Justin Timberlake (2002) ; Brian Krause (2000-2001)
  • Children Of Milo (*2011) ; Eliza Bella Dylan (*2014)

Not everyone knows that

When Alyssa was a child, the family house in flames. Her father ran back into the burning house to rescue the family dog. When he had to give up because of the intense heat, the search for the dog, he fled by jumping out of the window. The dog did not survive the accident despite the courageous efforts of the father, unfortunately .

A picture of Alyssa Milano was used as a template for the design of Ariel, the little mermaid in the same Film (1989). This seems almost paradoxical, because Alyssa has a water phobia, which is made to create your as you in "Charmed" a mermaid under water, had to play .

Biography of Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano comes from an Italian-American family. She was born in 1972 in Brooklyn, New York, and grew up, however, on Staten Island after her family of Brooklyn, left, after a shooting in the neighborhood. Her mother, a fashion designer, her father edited film music – the best prerequisites for a career in Showbiz.

On the big stage

And so it should come as Alyssa’s Nanny, who was an aspiring dancer, the 7-year-old Alyssa one day to a Casting for the Musical "Annie" took. Only it was not with the Nanny, but Alyssa was selected from 1500 Applicants for the role . The next 18 months, toured Alyssa, accompanied by their mother with the Musical by the USA. It’s further engagement in Off-Broadway, followed by productions and Performance in commercials.

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The sweet Samantha in "Who is the Boss here?"

With 10 years she participated in a Casting part, and that should change your life for good. She landed the role of Samantha in the popular Sitcom "Who is the Boss here?". Because the series was produced in Los Angeles, moved the Family from New York to the West coast to Los Angeles. In school, Alyssa was only when permitted by the shooting schedule. If too little time was, it was taught by a private tutor for three hours a day on the Set . "Who is the Boss here? " eight years ran very successfully. After the end of the Sitcom, Alyssa focused initially on musical roles.

What many people don’t know Alyssa Milano was a singer

At the end of the 80s they got a record deal: She has a right to be published regardless of the Rest of the world, five very successful albums in Japan. Each of their albums reached platinum Status. Looking back on your music Alyssa describes this as a "Bubblegum Pop". As you would be happy, this period of a life left behind sounds .

Back to the TV

After the detour into the music business it receives as a Mittzwanzigerin for a year a role in the popular Series "Melrose Place". There are some roles in Independent films, which have been used for successfully in Festivals and won prizes, but no audiences were success followed. The next eight years, she played her second major role, with the help of today like to be associated with: Phoebe Halliwell in the series "Charmed". From the fourth season, they, together with their serial sister Holly Marie Combs is not only actress but also a producer. Since the beginning of her career she played alongside her television roles in films, the big breakthrough on the big screen, however, she succeeded with so far .

Social Commitment

Alyssa has been committed since its early Successes for the fight against AIDS/HIV and against the stigma and exclusion of the Affected. At the end of the ‘ 80s, she met with an HIV-positive boy who was a big Fan of her. She threw him a big Party, you are together Friendship bracelets are made. As the two of them appeared together in a TV show, she kissed the boy, to show that she is exposed to such types of physical contact, no risk for Contracting the disease. Since 2004, Alyssa, UNICEF Ambassador and collects donations for South African women and children suffering from AIDS. Also, it supports the animal protection organization PETA.


In addition, Alyssa Milano called the #MeToo-movement. On the occasion of the Weinstein-scandal, the actress tweeted: "If you are sexually harassed or assaulted were, to write ‘MeToo’ as a response to this Tweet". She wanted to go to the pervasiveness and the extent of the terrible experiences, the need to make women attention. Also you have experienced sexual harassment, but left open the question of whether she wanted to ever speak publicly about it. And this is according to Alyssa, the thought of the #MeToo-movement – no one needs to tell his story, it’s enough, "me too" to say. From an initial Tweet, a large movement has been a worldwide debate about sexism and Power.

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