Alicia Keys Makeup at the VMAs

Special: Make-up

Alicia Keys: Unadorned at the VMAs

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  • 30.08.2016

Alicia Keys makes no difference between a day at home on the Sofa, and the awarding of the "MTV Video Music Awards". The singer wears no Make-up and more. The Glamour of large Events goes like flutes? This is not an Affront to the Showbiz?

In the case of a major event such as the "MTV Video Music Awards" do the stylists of the Stars are normally a lot of to. Not so, however, in the case of Alicia Keys (35, "In Common"). The singer has made to the music ceremony completely without makeup and proved that you can Shine without Make-up on the face .

Stars without Make-up

Since the 35-Year-old had been photographed some time ago by a photographer for their latest Album without Make-up, waived it on powder, Eyeliner, and co., and hopes to be able to make a Statement. You would like to motivate more people to show up without any Make-up on the red carpet .

Keys wore a black-and-red Maxi-dress, her dark hair was tied back in a casual bun high. The Plan worked: Even though the Outfit seemed a bit disadvantageous, scored the musician with your natural Look. When Keys announced a few months ago, to show, contrary to the obsession with beauty, only without make-up, it had been some doubters. Many were of the opinion that the promise would only hold for so long until the focus would be a major event to her. However, the Keys delivered, even their Performance on Sunday Make-up-free .

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