Alena Gerber

Model, TV Presenter, Mum, Wife. Alena Fritz, which was under her maiden name Alena Gerber popularity, has emancipated itself already from her famous Ex, Sven Hanna forest, and makes their own thing

Alena Fritz

  • Born 20. August 1989 , Ostfildern / Germany
  • First Name Alena
  • Name Fritz , born Gerber
  • Years 30
  • Size 1.76 m
  • The Zodiac Sign Of Leo
  • Partner Clemens Fritz (married) ; Sven Hannawald (2011-2014)

Not everyone knows that

Ouch! In January of 2017, Alena Gerber suffered in a fall on a staircase full of ice with a fractured Vertebrae. In spite of the hell of pain she flew the next day after for a Job to Kitzbühel, because they wanted to let the customer do not hang .

Years after the separation of Gerber and Hannwald the Ex-Ski Star ranted on Facebook against his ex-girlfriend. Supposedly, you’ve posted an old photo and their Fans, as currently sold, which led Hannwald to dissen Alena on his Facebook page of two evils. Your Reaction? Extremely clever: "This speaks for itself and needs no comment."

Biography of Alena Fritz

Alena Fritz was known as Alena Gerber. At the age of 13 she was discovered by a model scout. Since then, it has made Alena in Germany and also internationally a name. Your career flanked with TV-shows and presentations. On the red carpet is also a welcome guest.

To start a career in TV

Thanks to its growing popularity, the drama got hold of the end of the Model already guest roles in German TV series like "Rosenheim Cops", "Dahoam is Dahoam", "Forbidden Love" and "Bad Girls". However, the media attention was not solely on her qualities as an actress, the relationship to the former ski jumper Sven Hannawald certainly had your part in it. From 2011 to 2014 Alena Gerber and the ski jumping Star of the Hanna woods were a Couple. Even to get married, but ultimately, it didn’t work out between the two .

So they fight back against the Fake rumors

Happiness in love with a footballer found

After the separation, escaped Alena Gerber first from Germany, and settled for some months in California. There you should have the American actor Tyler Hoechlin internsiver met. Officially, neither of them has confirmed the flirtation ever .

Since 2016 the Model with the national League player Clemens Fritz, the kicks at Werder Bremen. After the birth of their child at 9. August 2017 rang little bells later, the wedding. Alena Gerber and Clemens Fritz were secretly in small family-circle the Yes-word in front of the Registrar’s office. A Church ceremony was followed by.

Football, football and again football

Since 2015 Alena moderated for Adidas, the Online Show "Gamedayplus: the adidas UEFA Champions League Show". On the side of Jochen Stutzky she takes over in 2017, the Moderation of the broadcast "Warm-Up – Football Preview" on Sport1. Alena Fritz was, therefore, not only privately, but also professionally as a presenter from head to foot, football set.

Social Media by Alena Fritz

Eighteen & Thirty 👯♀ and fluffy free to play game.

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