Adrien Brody

He is considered to be difficult, has corners and edges and still Adrien Brody is absolutely a celebrated heartthrob that confident in Hollywood with character roles

Adrien Brody

  • Born 14. April 1973 , USA / New York
  • First Name Adrien
  • Name Brody
  • Forty seven
  • Size 1.87 m
  • Zodiac Sign Aries
  • Partner Lara Lieto (current) ; Elsa Pataky

Not everyone knows that

Heartthrob Adrien Brody looked earlier even more flawless than it is today. But then a broken nose during the shooting gave him work to the Thriller "Summer of Sam" the necessary bit of character.

Seemingly makes success beautiful: even Though he’s doing nothing different than before his Oscar win, he is one of since then, according to VH1 to America "Hottest Hotties" and was of "Esquire" be the best dressed man in the country chosen.

For his role in "The Pianist" Adrien Brody as the first American actor ever "César" – the French Equivalent to the Oscar win. Whether it is due to his European roots? His mother fled regime in Hungary in 1956 against the Communist, his grandparents are from Poland.

Brody is also working as a Model: he Last ran for Prada Menswear on the catwalk

"I mean, honestly, it’s fun to play a guy who is wild and crazy and all the enemy shoots, like Rambo just", he once explained in an Interview. "You’re invincible, you’re not superhuman, and that’s exciting. I don’t think they will offer me sometime so a Rambo role. But I am generally very open to various projects."

Adrien Brody loves fast motorcycles. A passion that would be with him in 1993, almost prove fatal. With significantly excessive speed that he overlooked an oncoming car, and sailed with two legs on the Sidewalk. He was seriously injured and spent several months in the hospital and in rehab.

For his role as Vladislav Szpilman in "The Pianist" had to remove the already slender Brody 14 kilograms . "The worst for me was definitely the rigorous diet, I needed to pull me under," Brody remembers the time before the shooting. "My character was Starving, so anything you can’t play, because you have to look like someone who is close to dying of Starvation. I’ve eaten for months is hardly what is, of course, under strict medical supervision, otherwise I would not have stood by for sure ." Do not want to repeat this experience – Brody has vowed never again for a role in such a way to starve.

Other actors might have done so, as they could play. But the role of Vladislav Spitzman in "The Pianist" also musically closer to, were for Brody’s for more than just a couple of finger exercises necessary: "I am musically, I compose himself a little. But on the wing I’m not playing well, and I am not firm in the based read", told Brody in an Interview. "Therefore, I spent in front of the Film all the days on the piano, and the Chopin’s works by heart learned. I wanted to play perfectly. Then during the shoot I also had a piano in the Hotel and a Keybord in the wardrobe. I practiced, when it was only ."

Adrien Brody is committed today to the music of his youth, the hip-hop: "That was for someone who grew up in Queens, a music that was self-confidence. Today, HipHop has become very genre, such as the cinema also. Success is only measured through money, about the value of the diamonds and rings that you wear. This gives the wrong values. The Wonderful thing about hip-hop as an art form is that it is motivated, it expresses its soul in a rhyme. Much of the is lost. But there are still rappers, can Express a true sense of life ."

Heartthrob Adrien Brody looked earlier even more flawless than it is today. But then a broken nose during the shooting gave him work to the Thriller "Summer of Sam" the necessary bit of character.

Biography of Adrien Brody

Adrien Brody is the man when it comes to complicated roles with depth, but not on a special stereo types. Quite the opposite: he is the embodiment of the camera of the different characters. Time, he delighted in the role of the Holocaust-drama "The Pianist" and promt with the Oscar as a "Best Actor" excellent, then he surprised in the Mystery-Thriller "The Village" as the mentally Disabled. The Red Thread? Incorrect display! "I love the mixture. Times Mainstream, and at times art-house Film. If it can be set up ", the renowned actor said in a "GQ"-Interview. What is certainly the case with Adrien set up: The actor took time immemorial, the only film roles for which he burns, and had never been a lucrative Hollywood-Gage baits. "No, and I am very proud of. Therefore, I know what it’s like to tighten their belts. But a bad Film to make money – that would be the last. That would be the artistic closeout", he was against the publication strictly.

The great Oscar success with "The Pianist"

And the success proves him right: at the age of 29, he was "The Pianist" in the category of best main actor is the youngest Oscar winner of all time and was thanks to screen beauty Halle Berry, 48, was presented to him at the time of the Award, a looong kiss – 36 seconds. The tall heartthrob seemed to be choked with emotion, almost to the beautiful Bond Girl fixed the eyes.

Criticism of darling, but also often Flop at the box office

Brody’s joy was understandable. His Talent had finally been recognized for years, somehow, he seemed to be always short before the breakthrough. For his role as a player in "Nothing to Loose" or as a gay Beatnik in "The Last Time I Committed Suicide" he was celebrated. He gave idiosyncratic artist, a Rocker, a war photographer, always challenging character parts. Regularly Brody received great reviews and just as regularly, he fell through but also at the box office .

Adrien Brody has always been an actor

At a young age Adrien Brody dreamed of becoming a famous actor . "I was a wild, reckless stubborn child and had a great imagination", Brody remembers his Childhood in Queens, New York. "Every experience I had, I plays other. It was always something of an actor in me." His mother, promoted the Hungarian-born photographer Sylvia Plachy, the Talent of their only child. You sent him at the age of twelve to a high school for the performing arts.

Adrien Brody can also Blockbuster

Since the Oscar itself, Brody has fulfilled his childhood dream. In 2005, Peter Jackson cast him "King Kong" for the first time as a main role in a Blockbuster. Nevertheless, there are serious Parts that irritate him: "Roles that challenge me, with my understanding of Film and my skills to be promoted ." With so much development will there seems to be only a matter of time, until Brody is once again in the spotlight of world public and a beautiful woman does not want is a kiss .

Serious accident and the struggle to Survive

Another Oscar for Adrien Brody, if it is, certainly for anybody a Surprise. The actors are always in full use and has broken in Stunts for his films three Times already the nose. What does it mean to fight in earnest with life, knows Brody is just too good. The beginning of the 90s he had a very serious motorcycle accident in which he flew with his Bike on a car and upside-down on the street landed. Months of the Mime spent in the hospital, had to let agonizing treatments and extensive physical therapy to go through, before he was completely healthy again .

Dreamteam Brody and Anderson

How nice that he has survived these hard times well. It would, after all, can also be quite different. That Adrien Brody enjoys the best of health, certainly makes also Director Wes Anderson happy. With preference, the film-maker works with Brody and occupied him with roles in his films "Darjeeling Limited" and "The Grand Budapest Hotel", as well as a speaking role in "The fantastic Mr. Fox". With audiences and critics, the strips were equally good. And who knows, maybe the second Oscar to Adrien Brody is an Anderson-Brody-Teamwork.

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