9 reasons why celery juice is so healthy

Beauty-drink of the Stars

9 reasons why celery juice is so healthy

13. February 2020 – At 14:22

That’s why you should drink celery juice daily

Dear cabbage and love beetroot, spinach, green, you must now be quite strong. Because there is a new Star on the vegetable heaven: celery. He is acid green, it consists of long stems with leaves and is not added just a taste miracle. Nevertheless, celery is super healthy for skin, hair and nails, for digestion, the circulatory System and even to lose a few pounds (you will need a blender or a juicer). Even celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Katie Holmes and Miranda Keer swear on the toxic green juice. We tell you nine reasons why this is so and why the vegetables rather than to eat, drink .

1. To Remove

Celery is super low in calories and is suitable for losing weight. The vegetable has a purifying, detoxifying and drained by the way of surplus bins from our tissues. In addition, is excited by the juice in the digestion .

2. Skin, hair and nails

The green vegetable protects and regenerates our cells in the body. As a result, our skin improves. The antioxidants provide a natural protection against UV radiation. But not only our skin is celery juice is better*, but also our nails and hair. Blame it on the potassium, calcium and iron are .

3. Stomach protection

Celery prevents that too much stomach acid is produced. As a result, the digestive are protected organs and the gastric mucosa is maintained. The juice is a good helper for stomach ulcers.

4. Circulatory System

Celery strengthens our cardiovascular System. Because of the phytochemical Phthalide ensures that the muscles of the blood vessels are relaxed. The vessels dilate and the blood pressure may drop.

5. Against gout and rheumatism

The high potassium content in celery has a diuretic effect. As a result, the triggering of uric acid can be removed. With 100 g celery 10 percent of the daily dose is already covered.

The sodium ensures that calcification can solve in the joints. Furthermore, the item facilitates the elimination of toxins and heavy metals through the kidney.

6. Against Cancer

The green dye Apigenin in celery inhibits the proliferation of cancer cells in the body. The cells are protected and are thus, heavier, prone to the aggressive oxygen molecules, which is believed to have contributed to the development of cancer .

7. Regulates Body Temperature

Especially on warm summer days, the juice is an absolute insider tip. Because celery is naturally regulated our body temperature and ensures that we will sweat less. So we have even at 28 degrees outside temperature, a pleasant body feeling.

8. Entzüngung retardant

Celery juice has a entzüngung-inflammatory effect. The reason is the secondary plant substances, which in General health is believed to have effect are. They also regulate blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, and help in case of problems with the thyroid gland. Especially people with a chronic disease, such as rheumatism or Arthritis, you should drink celery .

9. According to the sports

Celery contains a lot of potassium. And that is exactly what our body needs after a strenuous Workout. Because the mineral is mainly for the function of cells, nerves, and muscles is important. During the Training, we to lose but sweat. Especially untrained people excrete more electrolytes than trained. Our Mineral balance is replenished, the green juice is just the thing. In addition, the green vegetable is 95 percent water. Perfect to our reserves to replenish .

Why do you drink celery rather than eating should

It is best to drink celery raw and as a juice. No fear, while juicing the the important ingredients is not lost. On the contrary, the body the vitamins and minerals it can absorb a lot better and easier to digest. The Good news is that we have strawberries so easily, Kiwi or bananas, mix in the can. That’s in the finish maybe a little easier.

It is recommended to drink 500 milliliters of celery juice in the morning on an empty stomach. So our body is provided at the beginning of the day, with many minerals and vitamins. Then you should drink 15 to 30 minutes nothing to eat or.

Celery juice easily by yourself

Clearly, there are buy’s it. However, when you have not only make the control over the exact content of the drink, but they are also in the Mixvariation completely free. How would it be, for example, with carrot, blueberry or Apple?

Who no juicer has, for example, can crush the ingredients in a blender. Then put the mixture into a nut milk bag, and pour in a vessel, including the juice. The contents of the bag expressions, so that all the juice flows from the mass .

A Federal celery results juiced about 300 ml of juice. The celery root must be peeled, nor do the leaves need to be removed. This is because these contain a lot of Vitamin A. The juice should ideally be directly at the port to drink, so he still has his entire effect. Otherwise, it should be kept in the celery juice well sealed in the refrigerator. But not longer than 24 hours.

By the way: Particularly gentle on the juicing works with a Slow Juicer. What models are recommended, you will learn in our comparison.

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